Manufacturing, Agriculture, Construction and Others

Mike’s session was very informative. I was able to learn more about myself and things needed to be added and changed in myself. I especially liked the information summarized so effectively in the interactive workbook. I will be applying allyship in the workplace going forward.

Andrea Oyle Human Resources Administrator at Apex Painting

Mike made me think about behaviors I see, as well as my own and how they might affect people. I really liked that he invoked self-reflection on my part. I will begin applying active listening first thing when I return to work.

Scott Brttingham Regional Manager Delaware Grain

Very good presentation. Mike challenged us to come out of our comfort zone and into the learning zone. He challenged me to think beyond the status quo and our own abilities.

Jason Grahek Regional Sales Manager at CMC Industrial Electronics

I felt like my eyes were opened to others. I have a much better understanding why others may have issues that are not known and become aware of what I say before I say it. I especially like how to resolve and de-escalate conflict.

Butch Hendrix Safely Director at Kokomo Grain

Awesome presentation with great tools and great breakouts. I especially like the de-escalation tool.

David Lapp CRM Systems Director of Change Management

I feel like I can focus on changing myself for the better and look at issues with an open mind going forward now. I liked how open and honest the conversations were in our interactive sessions. I will focus on accountability instead of blame.

Andrew Merkins Director Business Development at Ibberson

Mike reminded me that I need to think before I speak. The video with a signal word really hit home for me. Going forward I will think about the three sides of a coin with the top and bottom being my and your position, but we need to focus on the side of the coin to work together towards the truth.

Dan Saniti Vice President of Sales at Electro-Sensors

Mike’s presentation was very informative. He allowed us to think openly with a clean slate. Upon self-reflection I especially liked the interactions with the group discussions. I appreciated the exercise on listening best. The first thing I will do is reviewing my company’s ways and then see what to implement and share going forward.

Miguel Rangle Project Manager at PMI Iowa

One of the better seminars I have been to. It really made me think about a lot of things. I especially liked the content, and I will immediately begin to implement elements with my team.

Kurt Fiddelke Location Manager at Heartland Co-op

Mike’s material is a good way to keep folks happy and feeling like they belong. I liked that he provided the science behind why we do, what we do, and how to improve attitude of folks. I will begin implementing listening first thing.

Tim Kramer Maintenance Superintendent at Bunge North America

Estate and Gift, Succession Planning, Exit Planning, Valuation, IRS Issues

I was in attendance yesterday afternoon for Mr. Gregory’s talk on collaboration. I thought; the talk was wonderful. Though what he had to say regarding our respective businesses was worthwhile, I couldn’t help but focus on how his topic could be used personally.

The insight available through the techniques and science he shared with us was nothing short of astounding and makes me jealous of those who have the training, have taken the time and even have the intuition to productively utilize the strategies for the benefit of those around them.

Undoubtedly Mr. Gregory has talents which would be well utilized by his constituency and his speaking abilities are able to maintain the attention of an audience. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone considering him as a speaker.

Bill Boersma Owner OC Consulting Group

The feedback we received after Michael Gregory’s presentation was very positive. His insight based on his background gave everyone something to take back to their practices.

Diana Veid at Veid and Veid CPAs

Relevant, current, exceptional and thought-provoking insights using neuroscience in applications with the IRS and others where there may be a conflict.

John Heidebrecht Shareholder Berning &Heidebrecht, Ltd.

I loved your presentation at last night’s Milwaukee Estate Planning Forum. You are a fount of knowledge and experience, and your willingness to share your insights was admirable. You are doing a great service to the BV and legal professions, while promoting more collegial / peaceful conflict resolution. I also look forward to reading your book.

John D. Emory Jr. President at Emory and Company

Mike is very knowledgeable and an excellent speaker. I highly recommend him.

Bob Kovell ESOP Board Director and ESOP Transactional Trustee

It is a rare combination when delivery matches vast technical expertise. You have that rare duo; kudos to you! Thank you for sharing a small sampling from your immense reserve of experience and knowledge!

Cathy Mitchell Vice President at Allen, Gibbs & Houlik, LC